[TenTec] The IF tap and panadapter

Edward A Feustel efeustel at hughes.net
Wed Dec 24 15:59:25 EST 2014

On 12/23/2014 12:00 PM, Katz Ajamas wrote:
> Here you will find a description of the second receiver/pan-adapter I am
> thinking of adding to the Eagle. http://www.afedri-sdr.com select the
> "net-sdr". It has 80MHz sample rate and 12 bit. Maximum bandwidth that can
> be displayed at one time is 1850kHz so a good chunk of 10 or 6 can be seen
> at once. It's small enough and low power enough to attach to the Eagle.
> I'm still looking at how well it it can be made to work with CW skimmer. It
> does not have input bandpass filters. It's about $270 including ship.
> An option is to use the Afedri standalone with some filtering and add in
> inexpensive sound card based pan-adapter to the eagle. One possibility is
> the softrock lite. $25 with shipping and 9MHz crystal. It will need a
> buffer and will benefit from addition of a bandpass filter on the input.
> Here it is:
> http://fivedash.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=5&zenid=ceb61be7e6e89eaaadedf754bef7c861
> All this is fun but the priority right now is assembling a quiet power
> supply. The MFJ 4230MVP is just too noisy on 160/80. MFJ swapped a new one
> and it's a little quieter but still noisy enough to blot out weak signals.
> I have a 18V CT transformer and will be ordering some filter caps today.
> 73 for a Merry Christmas!
> -Bob ah7i/w4
You might want to consider the SDR-4 
(http://www.crosscountrywireless.net/sdr-4.htm) which is more expensive, 
but alone or combined with their upconverter could meet your general 
coverage needs as well for a very very long time.
Ed, N5EI

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