[TenTec] 9 MHz tap on EAGLE... and then.....

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I think you are mistaken. 9MHz is not present at that point.

If (and only if) we both are referring to the same tiny board mounted vertically, the signal on that board is the antenna line, between the LPF board and the BPF/PreSel. Board.  It is not 9 MHz. I have traced this on the schematics and physically inside of my radio.  The schematic correctly depicts what I see in the radio.

Send me the photo please:  Rick at DJ0IP.de 

The board I am referring to may be seen in photo 2B of the 2-jack mod description, available as a download from the Ten-Tec download page.  It is the tiny board (top middle of the picture) which has a coax labeled "2".

HOWEVER, after looking at the schematic again, it seems this tap (which is the one I use on my Eagle) has tapped into the antenna line BEFORE the signal has passed through the rig's BPF.   I thought it was after the BPF - where the ext. SDR would benefit from the rig's BPF.  As it is now, there is no BPF between the antenna and the ext SDR if you use that line.
Hmmmm.  Plan B.  I will also run the signal through my EXT pre-selector before tapping in for the SDR.

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	Reading what had been posted on the topic of locating a 9 MHz tap on an older EAGLE I opened up my EAGLE to investigate.  What I found on the left side of the rig was a small pc board mounted by one screw on a vertically positioned shield. There are two mini-coax cables running to it. 
	As you look at the board (mounted) I soldered a mini coax cable to the “top” coax connector. Then I was able to run that coax along that shield for the length of that pcbd and towards the rear panel. A small hole was drilled in the rear panel to feed that coax out the rear. I took a few pictures if you’re interested- email me.
	In a related issue, my problem now is to get  software to work with it. After loading the Ensemble II software it keys me to use the easier fast load of the required files. I haven’t been able to bring up the DAQ file for the Ensemble II once the loading program has been loaded, it keeps reverting to an earlier file that was used a few years ago with the Raocmite40 receiver. 
	What software is proven to work with the Ensemble II? 

73 de Dave, K1OPQ
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