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Not so, if you go to a Truck Stop and but the Good Tarp Straps they will last a long time. As a one time truck driver I would hate to think that the tarp on my flat bed trailer is going to crumble 
In the winter. Drivers use them year round. 
 I have the center balun of my 160/ 80 meter trap inverted V suspended on a yard arm from the top of my 70' tower with one  and have a Bungee on each end tied to the trees. Great to absorb the effects of wind. This antenna has been up at least 5 yrs.  
I agree in one sense do not buy so called BUNGEE CORDS at the local hardware store and expect them to last very long.
73's  Andy, W3LI

> My experience with bungee cords....they work good until winter comes. 
> When the temp goes below freezing your bungee is toast. It will crumble 
> to tiny pieces....Tom N4RS
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