K3GHH k3ghh at arrl.net
Wed Dec 31 15:40:11 EST 2014

After losing a few of my roof-mounted vertical's radials to ice and 
falling branches, I installed weights on the support ropes. To find the 
minimum necessary weight (and lacking that type of scale), I tied an 
empty gallon milk jug to the end of the support rope, slowly poured 
water in until the radial reached the desired tautness, and weighed the 
jug. The long radials took only 4 lbs; shorter ones 3. Home Depot had 
two styles of brick-shaped paving stones weighing a little over 4 and 3 
lbs respectively... so they're now tied on the end of my support ropes, 
which simply run down tree trunks using screw eyes.

-- John K3GHH

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