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Yeah.......been there, done that. After a couple of months of no help from the power company, I bought an 18" ultrasonic parabolic dish and detector 3 months ago to pursue this problem, thinking that if I could pinpoint the noise source, they might be more responsive. The ultrasonic is useful in pinpointing the offending device. But one must first locate/identify the geographic location of the offending device or structure before the dish is useful. In a metro power distribution system, determining the geographic location of THE offending device/structure is very difficult, if not impossible, since the noise can be propagated throughout the distribution system. And in the case of my situation, even re-radiated from other structures (like metal street lighting poles). The city street lighting crews were very responsive and helpful in coming out, and eliminating the street lighting fixtures as the noise source (and confirmed that they're just noise "repeaters"). What I did learn, is that the power distribution in this area has lots of aluminum wiring in the drops to properties and street lighting. If you've ever dealt with aluminum wiring terminations, you know what a great potential that presents for a source of emi. And, there's no way the power company is going to either replace the aluminum with copper, or perform a comprehensive wide-area maintenance to properly re-terminate all the aluminum. The power company here has cut back their service/maintenance to the extent that they respond only to catastrophic failures in the system (complete loss of power), or system conditions or failures that pose a public safety hazard. "Nuisance" complaints (EMI) just don't meet their criteria for committing/dispatching maintenance personnel. So, after many months of frustration tilting THAT windmill......I've resorted to COPING with what I'm unable to cure.

One of my ham friends in San Diego has suggested filing a complaint with the FCC. I guess I'm reluctant to do that, since I'm not real keen on dealing with one more bureaucracy. 

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  MFJ makes a very effective noise finder for power line issues. It is a
  small parabolic dish which through the use of ultrasound, detects problems
  quite well. Once found a call to the Power Company and your Evidence and
  the ability to prove your case to their Crew, will end your problems. The
  device is worth 3 times the selling price. Check an MFJ Catalog... My
  friend allowed me to borrow his. They sent for an Engineer to see my little
  device. He was impressed and fixed all issues detected in the neighborhood.
  Can you say, S3 noise level? I love it.
              73 from Wade/KJ4WS

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