[TenTec] "Reasonable Price for Paragon II with PS?

Mike Bryce prosolar at sssnet.com
Thu Feb 6 12:16:38 EST 2014


Beauty, like value, is in the eye of the beholder.

What is reasonable to you, might well be a fortune to me. There again, it depends on what side of the table you’re standing on. If i’m the one doing the selling, I’m asking a much as i can possibly get. You, opposite me, will be trying like mad to spend the least amount.

I’m scratching my head about 'the make a reasonable offer just to look at it.' Personally, I’d tell the administrator to sit on it and spin. But that’s just me.

“mint” to me means factory fresh. Untouched by human hands. Never opened box. 10 of 10. That’s mint.

Again, depends on who’s side of the street you’re walking on. I’ve seen stuff on ebay that is listed as mint and clearly there are two different knobs on the rig. 

Does is have any filters? They seem to hold their own at between $60 to $80

is the power supply a Ten Tec 960 or any of the variants of that supply? They seem to go between $90 and $125. 

As far as the rig goes, my opinion, and without seeing it, $325 to $500.

I said that so I can say this. I purchased a Paragon I at dayton a few years ago for $125. Yeah, it had issues and took a few days on the bench to sort them out, but it was a good deal. Had the guy wanted $250 for it, I’d walk by.

Ebay as you might a well know, has put the wahoo to rig prices. Stuff I’d walk right by and never even look at; I’m bidding on. 
$475 for a Century 21? Seriously? 

I guess when the water boils away, it comes down to how much to you really want the radio. 

And if you don’t want this Paragon II that badly, I know where a Century 21 is. 

Mike Bryce WB8VGE
prosolar at sssnet.com

On Feb 6, 2014, at 10:22 AM, Woody Demitz <wdemitz at verizon.net> wrote:

> I would appreciate thoughts on what a "reasonable" price is for a Paragon II
> with power supply. It is to be offered in an SK estate sale in the next few
> days, and to even get to see it, I would have to make a conditional
> "reasonable" offer. The administrator says it is in "excellent to mint"
> condition, but I have not seen it or even a picture of it yet, nor do I know
> what bells and whistles may be on it. With that little to go on, I welcome
> advice.  Many thanks.
> Woody
> KO3S  
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