[TenTec] Anyone using LP-PAN with Orion/RX366?

Floyd Sense floyd at k8ac.net
Thu Feb 13 12:34:06 EST 2014

Barry - do you know if the output level of the RX366 if different from 
what you get when using the IF tap point on the main receiver?  I've 
been using LP-Pan/NaP3 fed from a tap on the main receiver through the 
Clifton Labs buffer amp.  I set the gain on that buffer to either 3 or 6 
dB when I built it and that's proven to be a good level.  I have the 
newer LP-Pan with the preamp, but I run with it off as the additional 
gain just isn't needed.  If I had built the buffer with zero dB gain, 
the preamp may have been useful.

73, Floyd - K8AC

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> Is anyone out there successfully using LP-PAN pan adapter with the
> 9MHz output of the RX366 subreceiver?  Are you using a buffer amp on
> the if output or using the optional add-on LP-PAN preamp (as suggested
> by John Henry)?  Any other comments/tips appreciated.
> Thanks & 73,
> Barry N1EU

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