[TenTec] Ten Tec Centaur 411 10m Mod Needed

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Thu Feb 13 21:06:08 EST 2014

At 02:48 PM 2/13/2014, Kris Merschrod wrote:
>I did the mod from the schematic and parts that T-T sent on a 
>perfboard - it really isn't much, but, before hand,  I pulled the 15 
>meter filter and put in a jumper wire - it worked like a charm w/o 
>the filter - I am not sure what the harmonics on that looked like - 
>others can do the hi-tech work :>)

Ooops... there goes the FCC type approval.. ;-)  (hope your antenna 
was selective)

Perry   w8au

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>>At 08:10 AM 2/13/2014, you wrote:
>>>I just acquired a Ten Tec Centaur 411 amp from an SK estate.  As it turns
>>>out, it was never updated for 12/10m use.  Ten Tec noted they did not have
>>>the board to enable 10m.  Any suggestions on a possible source or circuit
>>>diagram would be appreciated.
>>Had to do this to our club Centaur.  TT no longer has the plug in board but
>>will supply the pi-section filter schematic/parts values for it.  You have to
>>fabricate your own board, which goes in place of the 15 meter output filter.
>>Have fun..
>>Perry   w8au
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