[TenTec] Argonauts

Richards jrichards at k8jhr.com
Sun Feb 16 01:11:44 EST 2014

I understand that sort of thrill.

When I was a very new ham, myself, I contacted a guy operating portable 
with a very low temporary 20 meter antenna in DEATH VALLEY, and he 
worked me here in Michigan with a mere 5 watts SSB.   I was his first 
contact from that site and I could just sense and FEEL his excitement as 
he asked me to repeat my call sign and location - because he could not 
believe he heard me correctly.   I really sensed his excitement, and it 
left an indelible impression about operating QRP.   I imagined the guy 
jumping up and down and hollering afterward.

Similarly, I once worked a guy running 5 w SSB from AZ and testing a 
home brew microphone compression circuit.    I could just feel his 
excitement when he learned he was a true 5-9 in Michigan.  I sent him a 
digital recording of the QSO, so he could make a first hand assessment 
of his audio using the home brew compressor.  This led to an extensive 
correspondence about microphones and such afterward.  The QRP thing 
seems a lot of fun.

Working these guys, and sensing their excitement, gave me a special 
appreciation and insight into this aspect of the hobby.

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On 2/15/2014 7:44 PM, Paul Gates wrote:
> Back in 1979 I had a Argonaunt 509 with a 3 element beam on roof of a 2 story home and worked a guy from Mich. in Dallas. he was using a converted HT CB and said I was 20 on his HT. This was on 10 meters


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