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Back in 1979 I had a Argonaunt 509 with a 3 element beam on roof of a 2 story home and worked a guy from Mich. in Dallas. he was using a converted HT CB and said I was 20 on his HT. This was on 10 meters.

Paul Gates KD3JF

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> Back in the '80s, I was totally QRP running a 515 and stored solar 
> power. My most memorable contact was on 10 meter CW running it's usual 
> 1.7 watts out to a Mosley TA-33 at 50'. I worked a guy on the island of 
> Guernsey and he asked me if I want to further reduce power. He was still 
> copying me deflecting a needle's-width on the 25 watt scale of a Mirage 
> MP-1 power meter. I think it was somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 
> milliwatts out. Then, we went up into the sideband portion and he was 
> copying me at an estimated 250 milliwatts out. Not bad from West Texas.
> 73,
> Roger, W5LXS
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