[TenTec] Corsair II. DSB generator alignment???manual issues

Scott Shepard scottsheppard at videotron.ca
Mon Feb 17 10:16:24 EST 2014

Hey folks,

Trying to align the double side band gen on my corsair to get the cw I ligament where it should be. I am having some difficulty with the what the manual is saying...

' connect the counter to the junction r3 and r4 in the emitter of Q1'

Now, I know it should be r11 and r12' but what does 'in' mean?  Is it saying one lead to the junction of r12 and r13 and the other to the emitter...or, as I have, shielded lead of counter to chassis ground and the probe to the junction of the two resistors? 

Further, it says to adjust c1 for 9.00300 at SB-R.  And then, c2 at LOCK pos to to 9.000750

That's 2.250 kc diff is it not?

Anyway, maybe I am just tired but this seems more complicated than it ought to be :)

Scott. Va3ied

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