[TenTec] F.S. New Ten Tec 715 RF Processor

Joe W2KJ w2kj at bellsouth.net
Tue Feb 18 16:06:44 EST 2014

Howdy Gang:

Last year I bought a model  715 RF Speech Processor from Ten Tec and played with it for several months with my Drake gear but couldn't get the audio to sound good.

A couple of weeks ago I called Ten Tec to let them know that the 715 wasn't working well with my Drake gear so they told me to send the unit back to them for a look-see.

I received a brand new unit last week and still had the same problem of poor audio with my Drake gear...using a 444D mike provided excellent audio with the Drake stuff but not through the 715.

Since the 30 day return policy was no longer in effect I couldn't get a refund from Ten Tec.

I was told by a Ten Tec rep that a similar complaint was received from an amateur not getting good audio from his Collins gear with the 715.

I guess the 715 is designed to work with newer gear...I have also heard that the 715 was designed to work FB with more "restricted audio" microphones...not sure exactly what that means though.

The 715 gets excellent reviews on eHam Product Reviews..all using newer equipment not vintage gear.

In any event, I appreciate the support I received from Ten Tec and have decided to sell the 715  since I can't use it with my Drake gear.

I offer the unit for sale...it is brand new.....will ship for $175.00.

It comes with a cable designed for Ten Tec equipment.

Digital picture on request.

Many thanks.

			73, Joe W2KJ

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