[TenTec] In praise of older technology

Bob McGraw - K4TAX RMcGraw at Blomand.net
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Yep and likely he had a bunch of external processing and EQ equipment as 

I hate to say it folks but we are using a communication audio range which is 
typically comprising a frequency response between 200 Hz to 2500 Hz out of 
the entire audio spectrum   That range is defined by the filter, be it 
hardware or DSP, that is part of the SSB generator.

Trying to cram wide band audio through a filter of this bandwidth is like 
trying to push a bumble bee through a drinking straw.  Nothing nice is going 
to come out the other end.  Just like I tell the kid in the band, it's easy 
to be loud, just buy another amp and crank it to the max.  Now being good, 
well that takes skill, knowledge and talent.

Now lets try to get the best quality out of the 200 Hz to 2500 Hz spectrum 
of audio that's available.  It is a lot more of a challenge than buying and 
using some external processing and EQ and broadcast type mikes.

Bob, K4TAX

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I was talking to a fellow Ham on 80/75 meters the other night and I noticed 
his audio just didn't seem right. He was running a TS-950s, and a Henry amp 
and talking into a D104. I turned my Softrock Ensemble II on and looked at 
his transmit signal. Goodness... the bottom end extended another 1 Khz down 
the band (KC for others... hi)!!!

I have to give Ten-Tec credit, when I looked at my Eagle's transmit signal 
for SSB, it looked pretty dang good. Much better than some new brand Y, and 
others I've seen on the air.

I do hope we give up on the 12 V power supply concept much like the auto 
industry did with 6 volt systems in autos. It's time for us to move up in 
voltage and embrace it. It'll open up a small market for someone to build 
devices to combine and balance our existing 12 volt supplies for a 24 volt 
feed to our transmitters. Or heck, why not 50 volts...?!?!



>How about we all get focused on the broadband noise that all modern
>transmitters these days generate, some less so, some more so, and some are
>really culprits. Now that's a technical discussion that might someday lead
>to improving our hobby!
>73 - Rick, DJ0IP
>(Nr. Frankfurt am Main)
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