[TenTec] In praise of older technology AM transmitwithTenTecrigs

Rick - DJ0IP / NJ0IP Rick at DJ0IP.de
Thu Feb 27 06:40:52 EST 2014

I don't know if "you" can, but anyone with enough money can buy and take
delivery on a PT-8000. 

The Pt-8000 has been shipping for about a year (with a tiny interruption in
production to fix a couple of problems that Rob found).  

Why waste your money?  A TS-990 is a better radio at half the price.
Or you could buy 6 Eagles;  one for each band in the contest!  ;-)

73 - Rick, DJ0IP
(Nr. Frankfurt am Main)

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Hmmm...  can I buy a  PT-8000 ?

If not, then I think it should not count.   N'est ce pas?  It does not 
seem a valid comparison to mention stuff that is still on the drawing board.
Can I actually buy a PT-8000?

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On 2/26/2014 4:22 PM, Rick - DJ0IP / NJ0IP wrote:

> Indeed the PT-8000 achieves it, but at a $17K price tag.
> That's why I added the modifier, "within reason".
> For those of us who work for a living, $17K is beyond reason!


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