[TenTec] In praise of older technology AM transmit with TenTec rigs

Richards jrichards at k8jhr.com
Thu Feb 27 16:56:21 EST 2014

On 2/27/2014 1:57 PM, Jim Vohland wrote:
   . I have wondered however, why we never see any DXexpeditions
using TenTec equipment? Comments.


A couple of reasons come to my mind.

One is size and weight.  A lot of guys like smaller and lighter radios 
for traveling to far away locations.  It costs serious folding money to 
ship big heavy stuff.  If you compare the Orion II to the K3 you get the 
point in a hurry.

Another is (I believe) Elecraft has a bank of radios it either lends out 
or rents for cheap so they look like the rig everyone takes.  They seem 
to pursue and promote and cater to the DX-pedition crowd.  This sort of 
marketing, makes sense to me.

Also, there is a certain "cultural" aspect to ham radio.  Hams who go on 
DX-peditions must look at what other guys are doing, and they certainly 
must talk among themselves and compare notes, and I presume there is a 
certain social inertia or momentum that occurs, such that a a consensus 
emerges as to what is the right rig to take to Bimini or Foxtail Island. 
   There is a similar "contest culture" and a consensus emerges such 
that some rigs come to be viewed as "contest quality rigs" even though 
you can use pretty much any radio in a contest.  Consider Rick's point 
about the Eagle... some say say it is not a "contest rig" per se, but if 
I understand his point correctly,  if your receiver is THAT GOOD, and 
THAT selective, does the transmit matter all that much?  If not, then 
having a super selective receiver defines a suitable contest rig, and as 
Rick says, the Eagle is JUST THAT.  I mean what ELSE would it need 
besides a really selective receiver?  Are the transmitters all that 
different in practice?  If not, then the super easy, simple Eagle might 
just be the ideal contest rig... but the "contest culture"  does not see 
it that way.   Therefore, I suspect there is a social aspect to all of 
this.   This is not necessarily a bad thing, just a factor to recognize.

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