[TenTec] In praise of older technology AM transmit with TenTec rigs

Steve Berg wa9jml at frontier.com
Thu Feb 27 18:01:45 EST 2014

It doesn't work AM, but my Corsair II still has great performance. I 
have been having a great time working the ARRL Centennial stations with 

Aside from its still formidable performance, it is intuitively easy to 
use.  If I want to change bands, I turn a knob.  If I want to change the 
speed of the keyer, I turn another knob.  If I want to change the power 
level, that takes a turn of another knob.  The only part of it that it 
took me a while to master is that really useful ability to tune the 
receiver to two different frequencies in the same band when using the 
external VFO.  Not a menu in sight.  I have noted that the Corsair II 
manual normally resides in the desk drawer.  When I am using the 
Argonaut VI, the manual is on the desk and in frequent use.  I suspect 
that the Argo VI has an even better receiver than does the Corsair II.

When I visited the factory a few years ago, Stan turned me loose in the 
ham shack, and I was playing with the Omni VII and the Eagle.  I liked 
the ability to key in frequencies on the Omni VII, just like on my 
Argonaut II, but the Eagle seemed to be easier to use.  So, when I wear 
out the Corsair II, I will have some tough deciding to do.

I am not sure what radios the T32C folks were using, but they managed to 
hear my 5 watt signal on 12 meters from the Argonaut II with my lowly 
trap vertical.  Then came back to me, but must not have gotten my report 
as that contact was not on their log page. I did work them a number of 
times with the Corsair II and my Omni V.9.

I also really like the #217 RF Speech Clipper.  That seems to help get 
out with both the Corsair II and the Argonaut VI.

Then, there is my 238C tuner...


Steve WA9JML

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