[TenTec] OMNI V Frequency Changes

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Sorry, with my comments and suggestions, I was thinking of the Omni VI.

Bob, K4TAX

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> Bob,
> There is no master reference TCXO or crystal oven 
> in the Omni V as in the Omni VI.
> And as the frequency display is not a frequency 
> counter as in the Corsair II, the display and the 
> actual frequency of the radio as controlled by the 
> L/O will change relative to each other as its 
> temperature of the Omni V changes while in use. 
> It's frustrating to some and not to others. No 
> amount of cleaning of contacts or variable caps 
> etc, will materially improve this condition.
> The calibration feature of the N4PY V.9 chip will 
> allow for operator compensation for this situation 
> by freezing the display while you tune the radio 
> for better accuracy on the fly. The N4PY V.9 chip 
> is a "must have" for the Omni V.
> IMO this frequency display without a reference 
> frequency control provision was a foolish 
> engineering/design decision and compromised the 
> Omni V which otherwise is a great radio and IMO 
> superior to the Omni VI in its RX audio quality. 
> The exclusion of a RIT/XIT control also caused it 
> to lose appeal with many operators. But I still 
> have mine and do like it to this day.
> I had long discussions with Don Proudy of TT 
> service (who left the company several years ago) 
> about all of these Omni V issues. He was the Jedi 
> Master of the Corsair, CII. Omni V and Omni VI. At 
> his continued suggestion, TT mgmt. finally 
> relented and substituted the fluky crystal oven in 
> the early Omni VI's with a TCXO in its later 
> production runs. His departure resulted in a loss 
> of a lot of practical knowledge and experience 
> with all of these radios.
> I have performed many great mods to my Omni V and 
> despite its design warts which are real and many, 
> it still outperforms many radios of current times 
> in the quality of receive audio and ease of use.
> And finally as I responded on this forum back in 
> late October before I sold my Omni VII, whose  
> firmware revisions have still not been forthcoming 
> as promised, what is TT up to today? It's still a 
> mystery to me.
> N1LQ-Dave
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