[TenTec] OMNI V Frequency Changes

David and Dianne on Comcast dhhdeh at comcast.net
Fri Feb 28 00:05:10 EST 2014


There is no master reference TCXO or crystal oven 
in the Omni V as in the Omni VI.

And as the frequency display is not a frequency 
counter as in the Corsair II, the display and the 
actual frequency of the radio as controlled by the 
L/O will change relative to each other as its 
temperature of the Omni V changes while in use. 
It's frustrating to some and not to others. No 
amount of cleaning of contacts or variable caps 
etc, will materially improve this condition.

The calibration feature of the N4PY V.9 chip will 
allow for operator compensation for this situation 
by freezing the display while you tune the radio 
for better accuracy on the fly. The N4PY V.9 chip 
is a "must have" for the Omni V.

IMO this frequency display without a reference 
frequency control provision was a foolish 
engineering/design decision and compromised the 
Omni V which otherwise is a great radio and IMO 
superior to the Omni VI in its RX audio quality. 
The exclusion of a RIT/XIT control also caused it 
to lose appeal with many operators. But I still 
have mine and do like it to this day.

I had long discussions with Don Proudy of TT 
service (who left the company several years ago) 
about all of these Omni V issues. He was the Jedi 
Master of the Corsair, CII. Omni V and Omni VI. At 
his continued suggestion, TT mgmt. finally 
relented and substituted the fluky crystal oven in 
the early Omni VI's with a TCXO in its later 
production runs. His departure resulted in a loss 
of a lot of practical knowledge and experience 
with all of these radios.

I have performed many great mods to my Omni V and 
despite its design warts which are real and many, 
it still outperforms many radios of current times 
in the quality of receive audio and ease of use.

And finally as I responded on this forum back in 
late October before I sold my Omni VII, whose  
firmware revisions have still not been forthcoming 
as promised, what is TT up to today? It's still a 
mystery to me.


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