[TenTec] In praise of older technology AM transmit with TenTec rigs

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Fri Feb 28 21:35:48 EST 2014

When I was a HAM in the Netherlands, around 1968, a Dutch company called 
"Amroh" made a 2 mtr beam that was covered in a plastic coating to prevent 
just that (corrosion from Salty sea water).  I lived about 2 miles from the 
Ocean (North Sea) and after 4 years you could see the elements being thinly 
coated by a White film.  All it took was to wash it off and the antenna 
looked like new.

Tony, VE3DWI.

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> Elecraft offers the stainless steel exterior hardware kit, but I'm not 
> sure how effective it would be under the conditions that you describe.
> If that salt air gets inside the K3s, well...
> 73 de Jim - AD6CW
> On 2/27/2014 10:40 PM, Richards wrote:
>> I know a bunch of hams who went to Christmas Island with a pile of K3s, 
>> and they enjoyed the fresh sea breeze so much ... they left the windows 
>> open instead of closing the windows and using air conditioning.
>> Can you picture a pile of K3s rapidly corroding in the warm sea breeze? 
>> By the time they returned home... well... I guess they were pretty messed 
>> up.
>> There is an important lesson here:   1)  close the window... and 2)  I 
>> will be leaving my TT gear at home.
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