[TenTec] Eagle with LP-PAN

Carl Gansen wb0cff at gmail.com
Thu Mar 20 23:34:38 EDT 2014

I use the LP-PAN2 with the Creative 0204 USB sound card. For software
I use N4PYand NaP3 2.7.

It all plays together nicely. It ties into N1MM logger as well.
Point and click QSY is handy in Search and Pounce mode
or when just scouting out the various signals on the band.

N4PY, the Telepost (LP-Pan), and author of NaP3 are all very responsive to
and comments. It's a hard to beat combination in my opinion.

Carl R. Gansen WB0CFF
9300 W225th Street
Belle Plaine, Mn 56011-4206

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