[TenTec] Eagle with LP-PAN

Email Service jfriend31 at comcast.net
Sat Mar 22 11:38:36 EDT 2014

Good Morning Carl,

just talked with D2EB in Angola on 12M CW. 

slowly the installation of the new mobo is taking shape. i have yet to arrange DXLab properly so it will submit to LoTW. somehow it did not transfer my name and QTH to the logging part of the program. i am going to have to call Bob WR7U again and have him help me one more time.

i learned that one cannot just install a new mobo in an older system and expect it to jut run anymore. there are so many drivers on the disk to install to make the mobo work that it does not run right without a new install of the OS. then the drivers. 

reminds me of the optimization of Linux. if one wishes the OS to run at the best possible speed the OS really needs to be compiled on the machine. 

i must have an IF 9MHz output from my RX to make LP-PAN2 work anyway. am still thinking about that. that would be a lovely addition to my DXing pursuit. 

then i would need two video cards to run 4 monitors!

i am about to purchase a 3 monitor video card to put the spare monitor (left over from Elfriede's desktop that failed) to use. DXLab has so many interoperative parts that two monitors are not enuf to have the 5 parts i like to use on the desktop and visible along with MixW3.

i just learned that i need to crank the TX output of the SignaLink USB way up to drive the sound card to full RF output of 75 watts RTTY. because of that lack of knowledge i missed W1AW/4 in TN. did get Guam W1AW/KH2 yesterday tho.

just talked with YS1/NP3J who QSLs via LoTW (12M CW)

have a great day Carl.

73 jack

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