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With my particular noise source (powerline), the TRITON NB removes the noise without having to fuss with anything, and at least I cannot detect any compromise of audio quality. The ANC-4 that I use for my other (later generation) TT's attempts to remove the noise before the radio sees it. But, given the very variable characteristics of my noise, requires fussing with (adjusting) the phase and gain of the noise reference in the ANC-4. But with a lot of patience in the adjustment, including an effective technique for matching amplitude of the reference antenna noise with the main antenna noise, it does a very good job. I can reduce 9+20db noise to an S3, without affecting signal processing or audio within the radio. But, it does take a LOT of fussing with adjustments. The TRITON IV NB is a much nicer, no-fuss solution to MY noise.

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  Yes Noise Blankers and Noise Reduction devices are quite different. I'm 
  not sure exactly how Noise Reduction systems work, but I'm pretty sure 
  they not not completely blank the whole signal.

  Noise Blankers do not attempt to modify the signal you finally detect, 
  they just plain interrupt it for short enough periods that you don't 
  miss what was in the gaps it creates (very much). The idea being that 
  there is a noise pulse there obliterating any signal you wanted to hear, 
  so shut it all out for that short period. So you want the blanking to 
  happen just at the right time, and just for the right duration, to 
  remove the noise and have the minimum affect on the rest of the signal.

  If the noise blanker does not have timing adjustments (either automatic 
  or manual) then it is a "best compromise." It may work well on some 
  noise and not so well on others. You might be able to make the noise 
  blanker on one radio work more like the one on another radio by 
  adjusting resistor and capacitor values to make it have the same time 
  constants as the one you like best.

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