[TenTec] My first Argosy

A R raf_3 at msn.com
Sun Aug 2 20:04:20 EDT 2015

   Recently acquired an estate Argosy 525 with the 225 p/s. After a thorough cleaning (dust) and replacing the broken dial cord*, it's working well, except for occasionally going deaf upon power-up. Hitting PTT clears that issue, so think the ant relay contacts need some TLC.


*The aperture for the LED freq cursor has small chunks taken out of the edges. Did someone really try to move that cursor with some sort of "tool" when the dial cord let go? Or...did someone try to adjust the position of the cursor thru the aperture...which broke the dial cord? Now...maybe I've seen everything.


I'm impressed enough with this radio, that it may be my first QRP rig since my HB 6AG7 Novice transmitter some 60 years ago. Any hints or suggestions for optimizing the Argosy would be welcomed. First on my list (aside from cleaning the relay contacts) is replacing the 4-pole 2.5KHz filter with a TT #218  8-pole 1.8KHz filter. Anyone got one of those that's surplus to their needs?




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