[TenTec] Crowbar kit for 252/262 power supply

w8au at sssnet.com w8au at sssnet.com
Tue Aug 4 12:59:17 EDT 2015

At 08:18 PM 8/2/2015, you wrote:
>   I recalled discussion some months ago regarding the kit that TT 
> offered as being compact and easily fit into the 252. So thought it 
> at least worth trying. I guess I'm surprised that TT didn't design 
> in o/v protection as well as o/c protection. The 225 supply for my 
> recently acquired Argosy has both. Wasn't the Argosy a contemporary 
> cousin of the Triton?

Allen:  I have the kit you are looking for.  If you still need it let me  know.

Perry   w8au     (TT forever!) ;-)  

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