[TenTec] Costs

Donald Giles dgcantrade at gmail.com
Sat Jun 13 12:13:53 EDT 2015


I think T-T is going through some changes and things like the notice you received are part of that.  I just had a unit repaired by them and got the very same first email.  I ignored it and when the radio was repaired they sent a real notification including the actual labor time and parts costs + tax + s&h.  The repair was done and finished in exactly the estimated time, BTW.

The good news was that they tossed my jerry-rigged packaging and sent the Eagle back in a real nice OEM shipping box with the new sandwich design that clamps the rig between two plastic layers that allows the unit to “float” without touching cardboard or foam blocks, etc.  I reused it when I sold the Eagle to its new owner.  Moral:  Save the boxes.

I think we have to kick back and give T-T some slack for a bit to let them adjust to their new way of doing things.

Donald Giles
dgcantrade at gmail.com

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