[TenTec] Paragon II problems

Mark Kenward k8vf_mark at centurytel.net
Sat Jun 13 14:30:52 EDT 2015

I bought a PII recently from a SK buddy's son.

I am running into a couple issues.

1- after warming up, I am losing 160 meter , 80 meter, and 60 meter transmit and receive. Rig appears dead. Works ok elsewhere.

Any thoughts on where in the rig all 3 bands would be having something in common which would cause this?

2- transmit audio on LSB and USB on above bands has a distortion on it.(even when monitored on a nearby receiver with power turned all the way down, and rig is tx-ing into a dummy load with 250 mw.

Listening on monitor circuit, audio sounds clean, no issues, but tx audio is distorted-again, power is all the way down, and into a dummy load, listening on adjacent Ten Tec Eagle.(with attenuation and rf gain fully back)

I checked bfo adjustments and they were close, but I touched them up. LSB and USB spot on, CW tx signal at 710Hz, with cap bottomed out.

LSB had been reported as narrow, abt 1.8kHz, but now at about 2.1   USB sounds fine.

As usual, thanks in advance for any ideas on these 2 issues.

I am not  PLL savvy, and I dont see anywhere  that I recognize where these 3 bands have anything in common.....

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