terry foskey via TenTec tentec at contesting.com
Sun Jun 14 14:31:20 EDT 2015

 I have owned many rigs in the last few years.  I now own an Orion 1 for the second time.  I also own an Omni VII.  In the past I have owned Paragons, Omni VI, Omni D so I am no stranger to Ten Tec rigs and equipment.  I absolutely love the Orion, it is simple but yet sophisticated in the areas where needed.  If you Omni VII owners are wondering, the VII is a fine rig but it remains a step down from the Orion and not only from the receiver aspects (dual) but also in the creature comforts.  I absolutely love the Orion and I hold out hope that Ten Tec will somehow survive and produce a rig comparable in the future.  The Rigs on the used market are absolute fantastic bargains right now, trending between the $1200 and $1500 range.  Not a better rig can be found for the money.

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