[TenTec] Omni 6 Plus intermittent no TX or RX on 10 meters

Mark Kenward k8vf_mark at centurytel.net
Thu Jun 25 17:30:23 EDT 2015

I sent mine in for an intermittent like that, only on 80 meters.

Probably on oscillator board, which is  under top cover, left front, UNDER the board shield.

You need to dress the cables and insulate with a towel so you can operate rig while upper boards are folded off to the side.

Determine where the 10 meter section is, and push in that area.  If that doesn't work, heat with hair dryer to see if it comes back.

If you get results, then kill power and solder all connections in area of fault.

If no results, I would still solder in 10 meter area, sucking away old aged loooking solder.  Also look for corroded solder joints. I just got my Paragon II going with an intermittent on VCO board for all bands under 7 mHz due to corroded joints

It can be a bad relay in passband relays, I believe, as the 10 and 12 meter bands use different relay contacts.(pretty sure)

That one is harder to get to.

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