[TenTec] Omni 6 Plus intermittent no TX or RX on 10 meters

Mark Kenward k8vf_mark at centurytel.net
Thu Jun 25 21:52:00 EDT 2015

Take a 4x6 inch card and start at the back, holding card vertically, only exposing 1/4 of the board at a time...as you go across, put the dryer to it, and if it comes on-or goes off, remove heat and do same from left to right after it comes back on (or off) again. I also had a fan to cool it as mine would only work when hot.
 Just a suggestion, but I did it and found a one inch area which was where the problem was.

I sent it to Dollywood 3 times and they could NOT duplicate the issue......?  It ALWAYS was off till the rig was on an hour or more......Their service area must be 100 degrees or more.  3 times...new box each time, and I am sure that they never opened the box the 3rd time.  I was really ticked, and I fixed it in 5-10 minutes once I tried to do it.......shameful.

Best of wishes.


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