[TenTec] Help Identifying Omni 6 Cable

Ron | K5XK qrzthedx at gmail.com
Tue Oct 20 15:13:52 EDT 2015

My documentation is misplaced and I need help identifying a factory
interconnection cable held-over from my Omni VI days.  It has a DB-25 from
the interface port on the Omni 6 with a 2nd DB-25 in parallel (on a short 4"
cable), to a 15 pin molex (8 active pins).  I'm pretty sure it was an
interconnecting cable between the Omni VI and the 253 auto-tuner and Herc II
amp, but isn't there was an additional cable that mated with the 2nd DB-25,
perhaps to the amp or 253 tuner?  

Thanks/73, Ron, K5XK

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