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Wade Staggs tvman1954 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 23:01:41 EDT 2015

*Congrats Jon,*
*                         Sure am glad that you toughed it out. And also,
thank you so much for keeping us in the loop when you cured the problem. I
really miss my Corsair. We could run the RF Gain back a bit and use the
Audio Gain a bit higher and copy things with it that other rigs just could
not receive. This method works on other rigs as well but the Corsair was so
quiet that it could hear so much more. Even after so many years, the
Corsair is still very close to the top of the famous Rob Sherwood List. The
closest we can get to the Corsair's performance around here now. Is my
fully tricked out Drake R-4C. When we call our several Nets each week or
relay others into Nets, my friends all wonder how we can hear such weak
stations. In most cases the new DSP and XYZ of the newer rigs does a great
job. For it's age however, I am still always Amazed at what some of the
older Analog Rigs can do. The Corsair, Drake and some of the Collins gear
will still do as well or better than 95% of the latest and greatest. We
hope you have many more years of enjoyment out of the Corsair my Friend.
Steve, we just have to send out a Thankful ATTA-Boy to you also. I have
added your fix into my Chicken Scratch Notes in the margin of my Corsair
*                                         73 guys from Wade/KJ4WS*

On Wed, Oct 21, 2015 at 8:09 PM, jon greenwood via TenTec <
tentec at contesting.com> wrote:

> Success!!!! Steve you nailed it! I had no ground at R33 and C23. I took me
> a while to realize how ground made it to this point on the board.
> The ground runs through the case of L6. I traced back to there and still
> no ground. I picked up on L6 and the case popped right off in my hand. Both
> solder tabs were broken off. I did not have a spare so I ran a wire up and
> over L6. Soldered the wire in both pads and to the top of the case of L6 to
> ground it. Fired the rig up and was copying WWV on 10 MHZ with only a 6 ft
> coax pigtail attached. Hooked that up to an antenna and the Corsair is back
> in business! Did an alignment and comparing to my TS480 with it's preamp on
> The Corsair is neck and neck with it. Just a lot quieter!
> The voltages on Q6 are now R32/R33 1.6v the R31/32 11.0 and the emitter is
> .9v So the collector is still a little high but the other two are now at
> spec. and Q6 seems to be functioning great. The AGC was dead and is now
> working normally.
> So big THANK YOU to everyone for your input, especially Steve for pointing
> to the solution.73Jon N8MUS
>      On Sunday, October 11, 2015 1:33 AM, Steve Hunt <steve at karinya.net>
> wrote:
>  Jon,
> One other check you might want to make while Q6 is removed: on Rx,
> measure the voltage at the R32/R33 junction, and the voltage at the
> R31/R32 junction; they should be around 1.7v and 9.5v respectively.
> Steve G3TXQ
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