[TenTec] Orion Sub Receiver getting no signals

Howard Smith jsmith207 at att.net
Sat Oct 24 22:31:37 EDT 2015

Hi Everybody,
I need to correct a couple of things about my previous post.  The AUDIO 
menu effects the audio going to the Left and Right headphone channels, 
as well as the Left and Right Aux Outputs.  The headphone outputs are 
controlled by the Main AF and Sub AF controls.  The Left and Right Aux 
Outputs have a fixed output level.

It may be interesting to listen using the headphones with Left and Right 
channels both set to Sub RX.  I suggest this because the Sub RX dsp 
drives the codec that provides the headphone and Aux Outputs.  If here 
were a problem with the digital transfer of the Sub RX audio to the Main 
RX dsp, the Sub Rx may appear to be dead.

One other thought, if you tune a known, strong signal, does the Sub Rx 
S-meter indicate anything?  If it does, then maybe the issue is not the 
antenna, but something with the Main and Sub dsps.

Good Luck!

Howard, WA9AXQ

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