[TenTec] OCF Antennas - Which commercial antenna is gest?

N4BE_Jim@yahoo.com N4BE_Jim at Yahoo.com
Mon Sep 21 22:21:06 EDT 2015

Reading the discussion of OCF with great interest.  Currently running an Orion 2 and Centurion amp.  Also have various other rigs, one Harris RT-1446 for MARS use with matching 500W amp and auto tuner.  The antenna is a Buckmaster OCF, the kilowatt version.  It is at 35 ft. In the center with ends sloping down to the manufacturer specified height.  Fed with 80 ft of LMR-400 buried.  SWR is acceptable on design bands.  So never fried the center balun 'that I know of'.  The center balun is sealed.  I don't know if it's a current or voltage balun.  I suspect voltage.  I don't do contests so scores are worthless to me.  What counts is link quality sufficient to transmit high rate digital on MARS frequencies, which by the way are usually far removed from ham bands.  I am able to  communicate in the majority of conditions, even outside ham bands.  I am not interested in home brewing baluns, I want a plug and go antenna.  So what is the best commercial OCF, or do I already have it in the Buckmaster.  In general, I am very pleased with it.
73, Jim N4BE

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