[TenTec] OCF Antennas - Which commercial antenna is gest?

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Back inthe 80s I had a windom antenna 120 ft with the split at 40 and 80
ft. No balun. I worked 80, 40, 20 and 15 with a tuner.
Paul, KW4BD

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> Reading the discussion of OCF with great interest.  Currently running an
> Orion 2 and Centurion amp.  Also have various other rigs, one Harris
> RT-1446 for MARS use with matching 500W amp and auto tuner.  The antenna is
> a Buckmaster OCF, the kilowatt version.  It is at 35 ft. In the center with
> ends sloping down to the manufacturer specified height.  Fed with 80 ft of
> LMR-400 buried.  SWR is acceptable on design bands.  So never fried the
> center balun 'that I know of'.  The center balun is sealed.  I don't know
> if it's a current or voltage balun.  I suspect voltage.  I don't do
> contests so scores are worthless to me.  What counts is link quality
> sufficient to transmit high rate digital on MARS frequencies, which by the
> way are usually far removed from ham bands.  I am able to  communicate in
> the majority of conditions, even outside ham bands.  I am not interested in
> home brewing baluns, I want a plug and go antenna.  So what is the best
> commercial OCF, or do I already have it i
>  n the Buckmaster.  In general, I am very pleased with it.
> 73, Jim N4BE
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