[TenTec] OCF Antennas - Which commercial antenna is best?

Stuart Rohre rohre at arlut.utexas.edu
Tue Sep 22 14:44:23 EDT 2015

If you want to be free of the prospect of frying a Balun, put up a 
balanced antenna, and feed it with one of the DX engineering heavy duty 

An OCF antenna is a compromise, as you can never exactly have equal 
currents in unequal legs as you move around the spectrum and out of the 
ham bands.  One should strive to have equal currents in each leg when 
needing to cover wider frequency spans than usual ham bands.

If your SWR has not changed from new, and there is no discoloration on 
the case of the Balun you have used, you apparently have NOT fried the 
Balun and can keep doing what you are doing.

-Stuart Rohre

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