[TenTec] OCF Antennas - Which commercial antenna is gest?

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Stuart you point is well taken.  Al's antennas were at best in the most hostile environment.The antenna was made from coiled copper strip and then with a motor, it was tuned as a 
1/4 wave on whatever frequency that was used.  
Al also made the first no-tune amplifier that I have seen.  Used two 3-500Z tubes and aquite complicated tank circuit.  It was a Pi L tank with the antenna tapped at the 50 ohmpoint of the L network.  Simply band switch to a given freq and tune the antenna  then youwould have 1.5 to 2kw on the air.

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True,the theoretical impedance of free space is taken as 377 ohms, but 
no earth bound antenna is in "free space", which implies well away from 
other couplers, earth, ground, counterpoise, etc.

The nitrogen or helium filled radomes protect a ship board antenna from 
the salt air.  The condensation of salt air at sea upon a HF antenna can 
detune it from optimum operation.  That is why your friend's antennas 
worked well, they were protected from corrosive salt air.

we fresh water washed down our sea borne or sea side antennas every work 
shift before using them for this reason.

-Stuart Rohre

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