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I was just wondering why such high end rigs were being offered at such deep discounts. I was informed by Ten Tec that they could not completely support The OMNI VI +. That they did not have some of the parts for the logic board. I always liked Ten Tec because I could always get parts and service. I guess those days are gone. I know the days I can fix one are gone and at $110 per hour you can't have much of a problem and afford to have it fixed. I have an OMNI VI+ and am in the process of acquiring a Jupiter. I hope I can get a few good years out of them before I have to junk them. 73 Gordon KA5ZTI 
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I suspect there is a bit of apprehension relating to the two recent
transfers of ownership for Ten Tec and Alpha to RKR.  I'd guess more than a
few hams are waiting for news as to the viability of RKR to carry the Ten
Tec brand forward.  Many of these radios are board level replacement. SMD
board level is expensive to repair and troubleshoot.  And, Ten Ten service
documentation has always been almost non existent.  I own a few Paragon and
Omni VI rigs, but I am confident I will be able to keep them running. I'd
dearly love to own a Orion series, but if I invest in one, how can I be
sure that parts or service will be available into the future?

RKR is showing several Ten Tec products as awaiting production runs.  I
sure wish they'd share some insight as to the future of Ten Tec or
Alpha.... but I can also understand the extreme cost pressures they must be

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