[TenTec] Panadapter with 9MHz i.f.

Steve Ellington steven4lq at gmail.com
Sat Dec 24 14:21:21 EST 2016

I fiddled with this on a Corsair II. The offset for it was 750 Hz for cw
but on the O6 it would depend on your sidetone frequency setting. I would
guess 1500 Hz for SSB +/-.   I lost interest because it tuned backwards.
IOW.... tuning up the band caused the signals to move down. It's an (IF)
I would think OmniRig would be needed to interface the rig to SDR-C but I
used HDSDR. It can operate OmniRig which in turn operates most any rig via
serial port.
Let us know how it goes.
Steve N4LQ

On Sat, Dec 24, 2016 at 1:48 PM, Barry N1EU <barry.n1eu at gmail.com> wrote:

> Can anybody please provide the correct freq settings to use with panadapter
> software being driven off the 9MHz i.f. output:
> IF OUTPUT 9.???.???  MHz
> Offsets  CW  ??? Hz
>             LSB ??? Hz
>             USB ??? Hz
> FWIW, I'm driving an SDRPlay RSP1 off my Omni 6+ 9MHz i.f. through a
> Clifton Labs Z10000B buffer amp.  I'm using SDR Console v3 software.  This
> looks like it's going to be a very cool setup.  I am fully documenting the
> install.
> Thanks & 73,
> Barry N1EU
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