[TenTec] Orion 2 Filter Installation

Jeff (W4DD) w4dd09 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 30 11:30:41 EST 2016


Likely many of the Orion 2 owners know this already, but thought it
worthwhile to pass it on.


There are 2 ways to install Orion filters.  On the O1, it doesn't matter
since the signal pins are on opposite corners.  


For the O2, it does matter, since the signal pins are on the same side of
the filter.  If installed the wrong way, the signal just passes through on
the metal shell of the filter, but the filter does nothing.  The filter
should be installed so you can read the part number on the filter from the
back of the radio.  I recently worked on a O2 that had all 6 filters
installed so that the part number could be read from the front of the radio.
Looks nice, but none of the filters actually worked.  They just passed the
full BW through.  Might be worthwhile to check your O2 next time you have
the cover off.


Another way to check is listen to the audio as each filter is engaged while
reducing the BW.  You should be able to hear a slight change as you pass the
filter engage point, although I prefer the visual check.


And of course, they need to be enabled in software.




Jeff, W4DD

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