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<div id="AOLMsgPart_2_80a31a28-51fa-49af-af81-e24c57e32a6c">I drove about 30k miles per year for the last ten years I was working. I spent most of those miles on 40 cw.</div><div id="AOLMsgPart_2_80a31a28-51fa-49af-af81-e24c57e32a6c">When guys asked how it was possible to drive</div><div id="AOLMsgPart_2_80a31a28-51fa-49af-af81-e24c57e32a6c"> and send cw, one humorous answer soothed their concern.</div><div id="AOLMsgPart_2_80a31a28-51fa-49af-af81-e24c57e32a6c">I just reminded them that when they were teenagers, they drove with one hand on the wheel and the other around their girl friend.</div><div id="AOLMsgPart_2_80a31a28-51fa-49af-af81-e24c57e32a6c">

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OK,  as long as we are "off subject" I'll open Pandora's box.

Does anyone have any factual information on impaired driving senses when operating CW.  After all, one hand is off the wheel and just where is the mind?

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