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Tim tim at ke4ke.com
Tue Jun 7 11:55:55 EDT 2016


The logging by recorder is a good idea. One member of the Minnesota 
Wireless Association does it for the MN QSO Party with video and posts 
them to YouTube. I would miss some details in conversational CW and so I 
do write down details, but mostly not looking. I also only operate on 
pretty quiet sections of roadway. Hehe road bumps do have an effect on 
sending! I did use my Jupiter from the vehicle one time with one contact 
to France while running 50 watts. It's just a bit too big to have on the 
seat all the time, but I really do like it's size on the desktop. I 
should find out if TT still has any Eagle mobile mounts. I use a Bencher 
straight key turned around backwards. I have long arms.

I call it text'ing with out looking. If there was anything that should 
have been close to scary it was that my first CW contact after many 
years was done mobile. Pretty exciting really. Apartment living is what 
drove me to this you know. If I get near town I normally pull over 
somewhere and finish the QSO. A couple of times it has been mobile to 
mobile CW.

My friend in KY is the one who suggested I operate mobile. He didn't 
know I would take it and use CW. This was three years ago. I think it 
was his fault back in 88 as well. In that case I had HF phone in the car 
for our move to Alaska which was nice for the trip.


On 06/06/2016 05:36 PM, Duane Calvin wrote:
> When I operated HF mobile, CW included, it was only on the interstates, and
> only in the long stretches where traffic was low.  I logged with a mini-tape
> recorder (later a digital recorder) and then transcribed that data to a
> mobile log in the evening once I reached a motel.  As far as CW, I've copied
> in my head for years, and it's just like another language to me.  It was no
> harder to do mobile CW than mobile phone.  If I wanted to chase a DX CW
> station, I always pulled off an exit and operated parked.  That becomes too
> distracting.  Overall, I think it depends on the operator, the road
> conditions, weather, and a lot of other variables.  (Oh, and my mobile
> station was set up with a Hi-Q screwdriver and a TurboTuner, so just pushing
> the "Tune" button took care of all tuning for me - eyes on the road the
> whole time.)
> 	73, Duane
> Duane Calvin, AC5AA
> Austin, Texas
> ac5aa at ac5aa.com
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> Personally I feel more comfortable when the car is stopped.  I tried
> operating cw moving and found keeping a log to be the really hard part.
> Also, to me, depended on where you were.  Out in the country somewhere with
> little traffic not so bad.  Some truckers run cw moving all the time.
> They probably use tape recorders to keep history of contacts.  Personally I
> like to park on top of a high ridge.  If it scares you back off. jim,K4CFA
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