[TenTec] Bring back the corsair

rick@dj0ip.de Rick at DJ0IP.de
Fri Nov 25 09:23:04 EST 2016

One of the reasons the Hilberling is so expensive is because it is analog.

HONESTLY:  if it costs more than $2500, how many people here would still buy

As much as I would enjoy it, I would not spend that much money on it.  
When I moved from the states back to Germany, I forgot to take my money-tree
with me.

73 - Rick, DJ0IP
(Nr. Frankfurt, Germany)

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I think there's been some very valid points made in this discussion.  Either
go head-to-head with price/performance of the SDR competition, or offer a
very high-end analog rig and promote it as such.  Ten Tec could offer a
Hilberling-like transceiver at a fraction of the cost and easily do it with
better performance.  

I would leverage circuitry from the KK7B and Tayloe designs.  Include a 2nd
Rx port for multiple purpose use including phase nulling of noise sources as
an alternative to ineffective DSP noise blankers that all-too-often add
artifacts to reception.  AC2IQ has developed a highly effective analog
linearizer.  Include that too with with an external amplifier loop. 

Paul, W9AC

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> On Nov 23, 2016, at 4:26 PM, gary mankoff <garyjm88 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Really now some engineer can redesign a corsair 2 with the "parts" that
aren't available now and we would have a better corsair 2  I have a corsair
2 that I bought that I really believe that it was the prototype .im not
kidding!!! And what a fine sounding radio she is quite and smooth to listen
to .i want a new corsair 2 with 500 hz to 30 MHz coverage with 2 vfos
transmit eq and a nice big external speaker for $999  automatic cw id and a
big readout and bigger S meter like my OMNI 5 and all the RX filters too.
Ten etc.  will sell a million of them design and supported in the USA built
in China 
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