[TenTec] Bring back the corsair

Mike Bryce prosolar at sssnet.com
Fri Nov 25 13:00:58 EST 2016


I”ve always wanted one of those!

I have a rather large greenhouse, would you mind telling me where you left your money tree?

I’ll get a spot ready for it near the heaters so it’ll be nice and comfy….


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> On Nov 25, 2016, at 9:23 AM, rick at dj0ip.de <Rick at DJ0IP.de> wrote:
> One of the reasons the Hilberling is so expensive is because it is analog.
> HONESTLY:  if it costs more than $2500, how many people here would still buy
> it?  
> As much as I would enjoy it, I would not spend that much money on it.  
> When I moved from the states back to Germany, I forgot to take my money-tree
> with me.
> 73 - Rick, DJ0IP
> (Nr. Frankfurt, Germany)

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