[TenTec] Titan III 417a repairs

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Did you ever figure out what was going on?


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I have enjoyed all the Ten Tec contesting e-mailings and have picked up a lot of good points from them. It is now time for me to reach out to the Ten Tec community.

I have a Ten Tec Titan III 417a amp that I purchased a while ago on E-bay. It has developed a problem where after turning it on, allowing to properly warm up, and then changing from standby to operate the source signal to the transmitter drops from a S9 to a S1 signal. When switched back to standby the signal returns to a S9. 

With the transmitter on low power and attempting to tune the amp there is some amplified output according to my watt meter but the signal returns to a S1 signal. At this point I shut it down and removed from the lineup. In reviewing the owners manual it suggest that a relay may be the problem. I do not feel comfortable or confident enough to attempt trouble shooting and making the repairs.

I looking for suggestions as to who I might get to trouble shoot and repair this for me. I have tried to contact, via e-mail Ten Tec several times with no response. 

I have had my General license since 2008 and enjoy the hobby. I would like to get this amp fixed and back in the lineup. 

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated


Hermon, Maine

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