[TenTec] Titan III Blowing Line Fuses

Bernie Skoch k5xs at aol.com
Tue Dec 26 13:09:30 EST 2017

I left my Titan III 417 on stand-by last night.

When I came in the shack this morning and flipped the "STANDY/OPERATE" switch to OPERATE, the amp shut down.  When I fired it back up again the line fuse blew.

I've pulled the HV rectifier board and see nothing unusual (I ohmed out the diodes and checked the capacitors for shorts).  I also ohmed out the input connector and get a resistance of about 3 megs, so I'm doubting a shorted diode or capacitor there.

My next step is to pull the tubes, I suppose, and check for shorts there.

Anyone have any experience with this symptom?

73 and thanks.

Happy 2018, everyone.


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