[TenTec] Some Apparent Problems With Computer Control With My Argonaut VI RIgs

Lee lee at wa3fiy.com
Fri Dec 29 12:10:47 EST 2017

Steve, I use an Argonaut VI daily for routine operations including 
handling RRI/NTS traffic (averaging 100 or so messages per month) and 
almost always have the radio on computer control.  I use flrig, N4PY, 
Winlink Express and sometimes WSJT-X somewhat successfully.  I have 
discovered a few bugs, one of which effects sound on SSB but not CW as I 
recall.  I have not tried AM.  I am deaf so I don't have any use for AM  
:-).  It is important to have the radio running before starting any of 
the control programs as the radio is providing the serial port which the 
software needs to see.

I don't know if any of the following applies to your problem but maybe 
something will help.

When I start N4PY control program in SSB mode I often (but not always) 
get what looks like noise, but no signal output.   I can recover signal 
audio by cycling the Auto notch button on and off.  From that point 
forward the radio and software work well for the balance of the session. 
  I have never experienced this on CW during start-up that I recall but I 
now automatically cycle Auto notch on start-up so I would not notice.  
If you start the software before the radio is turned on N4PY will 
complain that it cannot find the serial port but re-booting the control 
software with the radio running sets things right.

flrig works well using the Eagle radio selection.  If you start flrig 
before turning the Argonaut on, flrig clears it's serial port 
configuration and of course cannot find the radio when you do turn it 
on.  Just a few seconds to reconfigure flrig but not necessary if the 
radio is running first.  One strange thing with flrig is that when I 
change modes from CW to USB (probably LSB also) the bandwidth changes to 
3000 hz.  The radio works but there is intermittent noise bursts in the 
demodulated signal which causes errors in decoding the various digital 
modes I am using.  Drop the BW back to 2800 or less and all is well.  
Might this be similar to the "popping" you describe?

Winlink Express works ok using the Orion and Eagle selection EXCEPT on 
shutdown it leaves the BW control locked and not available from the 
front panel control.  Recycle the Argonaut or simply start flrig or N4PY 
and then shut it down.  The radio configuration is restored.

WSJT-X appears to work properly on start-up and shut-down but I rarely 
use this.

So, my take away from all this is that various programs do different 
things during start-up and shut-down and those differences are 
manifested as described.  Could anything like that be happening with 
your software?

I have 9 Argonaut VI's (it's a family radio project...7 hams in the 
family...with a couple spares on hand), some version 1 and some version 
2, and all work as described so it is something that is likely different 
during start-up or shut-down in the control program.  I have not pursued 
this with the software vendors as I have a simple fix for each 
but...maybe someday.....

After I get things running I could not ask for a better radio...the 
Argonaut is outstanding!   :-)

Good luck in finding the bug and please keep us posted.



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>I have been trying to use different software to control my Argonaut VI 
>rigs that I use with VHF transverters.  It seems that when I plug a USB 
>Cable into the back of the radios, and turn on the rig, and then turn 
>on the computer, the computer loads the device driver, and this seems 
>to affect the SSB and AM modes of the receiver, but not so much when it 
>is run on CW.  There seems to be a great deal of popping noise, and 
>distortion so that I cannot even copy stations or beacons when using 
>LSB or USB.  The noise is there even on CW, but it is much less.  This 
>renders my Argo VI radios useless on voice or digital modes.  When I 
>unplug the USB cable, the noise stops or is greatly reduced.  It does 
>this with USB cables that are plain but shielded, and with those with 
>ferrite chokes installed.  This has been plaguing my station for 
>months.  Does anyone have any ideas on what is happening?  I have 3 
>Argo VI rigs, one with the older driver, and two with the newer driver. 
>  It works the same on all three radios.
>Steve WA9JML
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