[TenTec] notch filter for Eagle?

Darrell Bellerive ve7iu at runbox.com
Thu Jul 20 11:32:50 EDT 2017

 From page 43 of the Icom IC-7300 manual 

"The IC-7300 has Auto Notch and Manual Notch functions.
Auto Notch:    Used in the SSB, AM and FM modes.
Manual Notch:    Used in the SSB, CW, RTTY and AM modes."

How's things out in right field, Rick? :-)

73, Darrell VE7IU

On 17-07-20 05:08 AM, rick at dj0ip.de wrote:
> 7300? 7600?  > > Icom is selling the older radios at dumping prices because 
everybody > wants the new stuff (without manual notch filter). > > I 
guess I should have said "every radio designed within the past 5 > 
years".... > > However it is indeed possible to have the auto-notch work 
within the > AGC loop. My little SKY-SDR QRP transceiver does and its 
notch depth > is over 90 dB. It can even notch out two-tone interference 
by that > amount, leaving the SSB signal on channel, free and in the 
clear. > > And it does not turn on during CW because it would notch 
every dit > and dah completely out. > > 73 Rick > > -----Original 
Message----- From: TenTec > [mailto:tentec-bounces at contesting.com] On 
Behalf Of Greg S via > TenTec Sent: Thursday, July 20, 2017 2:00 PM To: 
Discussion of > Ten-Tec Equipment Cc: Greg S Subject: Re: [TenTec] notch 
filter for > Eagle? > > Every ICOM HF rig has a manual and auto notch. 
Unfortunately most are > an either/or proposition. Greg, KC8HXO > 
-------------------------------------------- On Thu, 7/20/17, > 
rick at dj0ip.de <Rick at DJ0IP.de> wrote: > > Subject: Re: [TenTec] notch 
filter for Eagle? To: "'Discussion of > Ten-Tec Equipment'" 
<tentec at contesting.com> Date: Thursday, July 20, > 2017, 3:30 AM > > You 
guys are all out in right field. > > No radio's auto notch filter works 
in CW mode. They cannot > distinguish between the useful tone and the 
disturbing tone. > > And yes, in that case, a manual notch filter is 
indeed better, but > show me a radio built today that has one. > > I 
find the Eagle's notch filter effective on SSB. > > 73 Rick, DJ0IP > --
Darrell Bellerive

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