[TenTec] notch filter for Eagle?

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Now that's super, Darrell!
I haven't used one yet, only looked at it at the ham fest in
I didn't see the manual notch.

It's beginning to look like the 7300 is the only radio left out there to
All others are for rock collectors or computer geeks! (hi)

The 7300 as with most of the SDR radios lacks decent bandpass filters on the
front end, making them a bit flaky here in Europe.  For instance when on
20m, the filter only has 10 dB rejection of signals on the 40m band.  Same
goes for the strong broadcast stations on the 41 and 49m bands.   A
preselector will be a must on a large multi-band antenna.

But as I said, not much choice these days.

Rick, DJ0IP

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 From page 43 of the Icom IC-7300 manual

"The IC-7300 has Auto Notch and Manual Notch functions.
Auto Notch:     Used in the SSB, AM and FM modes.
Manual Notch:     Used in the SSB, CW, RTTY and AM modes."

How's things out in right field, Rick? :-)

73, Darrell VE7IU

On 17-07-20 05:08 AM, rick at dj0ip.de wrote:
> 7300? 7600?  > > Icom is selling the older radios at dumping prices 
> because
everybody > wants the new stuff (without manual notch filter). > > I guess I
should have said "every radio designed within the past 5 > years".... > >
However it is indeed possible to have the auto-notch work within the > AGC
loop. My little SKY-SDR QRP transceiver does and its notch depth > is over
90 dB. It can even notch out two-tone interference by that > amount, leaving
the SSB signal on channel, free and in the clear. > > And it does not turn
on during CW because it would notch every dit > and dah completely out. > >
73 Rick > > -----Original
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filter for > Eagle? > > Every ICOM HF rig has a manual and auto notch. 
Unfortunately most are > an either/or proposition. Greg, KC8HXO >
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guys are all out in right field. > > No radio's auto notch filter works in
CW mode. They cannot > distinguish between the useful tone and the
disturbing tone. > > And yes, in that case, a manual notch filter is indeed
better, but > show me a radio built today that has one. > > I find the
Eagle's notch filter effective on SSB. > > 73 Rick, DJ0IP > -- Darrell
Bellerive VE7IU

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