[TenTec] Phishing Scam

rick@dj0ip.de Rick at DJ0IP.de
Tue Mar 7 15:17:03 EST 2017


In the case of the email I got purporting to be from the Argonaut group
reflector, it was signed by the Chase Bank Team.  

Now why would Chase Bank be sending a collective email to the Argonaut
How stupid is that.  It was a dead give-away.

But also as Jo pointed out, no legitimate organization will include a link
and ask you to click it.
Instead they would tell you to go to your account as normal and log in.

These links are ALWAYS bogus and Pfishing.

73 - Rick, DJ0IP
(Nr. Frankfurt, Germany)

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Howdy all , not being a computer Guru or an IT person, how would I recognize
a post that would be a Phishing Scam. I guess it is best not to open any
mail unless you know who sent it by name and email address. I am sure I miss
a lot of good information but I probably delete a dozen emails for everyone
I open.

Andy, W3LI
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