[TenTec] [Ten Tec] Digital CW & Argonaut VI

Steve Cochrane w7jsc at msn.com
Sun May 21 16:45:35 EDT 2017

What type of interface are you using between the computer and the radio?
Steve w7jsc

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Am looking for a Mac OS software program that will run digital cw and is compatible with the Argonaut VI.  I have tried Fldigi which is not compatible with the Argonaut VI, it seems.  I have tried the latest version of Flidigi without success.  Can anyone recommend a software program that runs Mac OS?  I bought the radio for my brother who is a tech, and he wants to get in CW but at his age (and mine) has little hope of any proficiency between the ear and hand, but surprises do happen.
Or has anyone gotten Fldigi to work with the Argonaut VI?   
Thanks for any and all suggestions….
   Mike, N8TTR
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